Boston Dynamics: On a mission to build the most advanced robots on earth

Boston Dynamics is an engineering company that specializes in building dynamic robots and software for human simulation. You know doubt know of them from the many videos they produce. One of the more recent ones is below:

Currently a wholly owned subsidiary of Google, Inc. Began as a spin-off from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where National Academy of Engineering member Marc Raibert and his colleagues first developed robots that ran and maneuvered like animals. They founded the company in 1992, and their ground-breaking work continues to inspire the work.

We hear from friends in the military that these robots work incredibly well, but are not as silent as would be needed as part of a stealthy force.  Given time this will likely change.

We wonder about other use cases for these robots. What else can they be used for other than military, disaster recovery and law enforcement? Space exploration perhaps?

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