Boundary: Cloud Application Performance Management

Boundary is an APM technology developer that enables customers to monitor and improve application performance. If you have business-critical services deployed in cloud or hybrid IT infrastructures, Boundary can help you ensure these services deliver optimal performance and uptime. Boundary delivers APM for the cloud. It’s delivered via SaaS, so you don’t have to procure, install, or maintain any hardware. Plus, until you get to a certain data threshold, the solution is absolutely free.

1. Boost application performance with lightning-fast problem resolution. Boundary directs you to the root cause of problems with unprecedented speed, so you can fix issues faster.
2. Discover previously undetected configuration and security issues. Boundary provides the insights you need to identify a range of issues, including misconfigured networks and DNS tables, chatty nodes, security attacks, and much more.
3. Prevent minor issues from escalating and affecting your customers. Boundary can alert you to abnormalities in application behavior way before traditional tools, so you can prevent the problems that lead to outages.


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