Bromium: Virtualization and Cloud Security

Founded by Gaurav Banga, Simon Crosby and Ian Pratt, Bromium is focused on the delivery of infrastructure products that allow enterprises to safely adopt consumerization and cloud computing.

Bromium says that now more than ever enterprise data faces security risks with the growth of new devices and application access as well as the increasing mobility within businesses. But cloud computing also leaves enterprise data and applications vulnerable to attack. Bromium’s technology promises to bring a more trustworthy computing infrastructure to enterprises who want to move to the cloud.

And Bromium’s founders combined have a considerable amount of experience in virualization and the cloud. Banga was previously CTO and SVP, Engineering at Phoenix Technologies. Crosby was formerly Citrix’s CTO of the Data Center and Cloud Division. And Pratt was the vice president of advanced products in the Virtualization and Management Division at Citrix.

From their website:

Bromium was founded in 2010 with a mission to restore trust in computing. The company’s founders, Gaurav Banga, Simon Crosby, and Ian Pratt, have a long and deep history of innovation in virtualization and security. Inspired by the isolation principles of traditional virtualization, the Bromium team has created an innovative new technology called micro-virtualization to address the enterprise security problem and provide protection for end users against advanced malware. Bromium has its headquarters in Cupertino, California, and an R&D center in Cambridge, UK. The company is backed by top-tier investors, including Andreessen Horowitz, Ignition Capital, Highland Capital Partners, Intel Capital, Meritech Capital and Lightspeed Venture Partners.

Bromium is focused on the global enterprise security market, projected by Gartner to grow to $30B in 2014. This market has long been dominated by detection-based security products, which use signatures, behaviors, or heuristics to identify potential threats. However, these technologies have become ineffective and unable to detect or protect against the growing number of polymorphic cyber threats, zero-day attacks, and APTs that are impacting enterprise organizations worldwide.

Bromium provides protection at the endpoint with vSentry, an innovative product that protects against all advanced malware. vSentry automatically creates hardware-isolated micro-VMs that secure every user task - such as visiting a web page, downloading a document, or opening an email attachment. Each task runs in its own micro-VM, and all micro-VMs are separated from each other, and from the trusted enterprise network. If malware targets the end user, the threat is contained in the hardware-isolated micro-VM. Consequently, it is never able to steal or damage the user or enterprise’s information, and is destroyed when the task is completed. vSentry is transparent to the end user, and has no discernable impact on user experience or system performance.

Bromium LAVA (Live Attack Visualization and Analysis) is a complementary product to vSentry that adds enormous value for Security Operation Centers (SOCs). LAVA converts each micro-VM in the enterprise into a honeypot and automates the time-consuming post-attack malware analysis process. For example, if a vSentry endpoint is attacked within an isolated micro-VM, the entire attack is automatically and instantly recorded, then forwarded to the LAVA console in the SOC. This provides security teams with the results of an automatic in-depth analysis of the advanced malware.

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