CloudVelocity: A hybrid cloud automation platform

CloudVelocity’s hybrid cloud automation platform enables existing Linux and Windows multi-tier applications to run in a public cloud without modification, automatically extending the data center to the cloud so that applications can access any necessary services as needed. Running existing applications in a public cloud is hard: today's applications span multiple hosts and are comprised of not only application binaries and data, but also libraries, operating system services, data servers and other network services residing in the enterprise.

CloudVelocity automates the entire process, from discovering the constituent hosts to replicating and provisioning and launching groups of systems in the cloud with a single click. The result is full server, networking, security and storage integration with public clouds, a key enterprise requirement for running complex, multi-tier applications in the cloud. The CloudVelocity One Hybrid Cloud™ Platform decouples enterprises from today’s public and private cloud restrictions and enables the ability to treat multiple clouds and data centers as a single, dynamic pool of resources.

CloudVelocity launched an Enterprise Edition enabling cloud migration, cloning and failover in the AWS cloud and a Developer Edition with cloud cloning and migration in the AWS cloud, both in late 2012. The company will offer limited free trials in order to generate demand.

Use cases include:

• Migrating existing multi-tier applications to public clouds
• Cloning and running multi-tier applications and systems into a Public Cloud for development and testing
• Cloud bursting with on-the-fly provisioning of additional systems to scale running applications (Fall 2013)
• Cloud Fail-over and Fail-back of applications

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