Cognika: Automated Monitoring and Prediction

Cognika Intelligence & Defense Solution (CIDS) was created with a mission to bring leading edge Analytic tools to the Military market. CIDS breakthrough technology combines the best of Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques with unique algorithms that emulate human cognition and serve as the foundation for the Smart Analytics engine on which Cognika ESP™ was created in 2006 at MIT.

Today, Cognika Intelligence & Defense Solutions has expanded its technology to fully accommodate structured and unstructured data sources including Full Motion Video.

CIDS enables efficient analysis of multi-modal data sets and associated meta data. Unlike comparable multimedia analysis systems that include video content analysis technologies, this approach enables integration of information from multiple sources (including video) into a unified inverted index format effectively combining all cross-media information into a single knowledge base. CIDS approach to solving the current and future analytical issue of too much data and not enough manpower to process that data.

The company takes a novel approach to fuse multi-modal information for building comprehensive knowledge management systems allowing complete review, analysis, discovery and retrieval of extracted elements that can be combined into a coherent response to a highly nuanced query. CIDS platform is capable of ingesting information in multiple media formats: text, video, structured data etc. This enables automated solutions to complex, dynamic, inter-related, multi-dimensional problems utilizing knowledge from disparate data sources, formats and media that are currently commonly addressed by humans.

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