CohesiveFT: Enterprise application-to-cloud migration and software defined networking

CohesiveFT is a leader in enterprise application-to-cloud migration and software defined networking, offering solutions with a richer feature set and boarder user-base than all competitors combined.

CohesiveFT enables enterprises to run business operations via the cloud by helping them migrate, transform and extend both their customer facing systems and internal operational platforms. Their comprehensive Cloud Container Solution (VNS3, Server3 and Context3 products along with their technology partner network), lets you control the cloud with increased control of networks, images and topology.

VNS3 - provides software defined networking capabilities for public, private and hybrid cloud deployments. VNS3 Managers let the user, rather than a 3rd party, control addressing, topology, protocols and encrypted communications for their devices.

Server3 - allows users to import, transform and deliver images to the cloud via image automation. Because it’s provider and OS agnostic, customers can build their images from open-source, third-party or proprietary software components or bring their own. The flexibility to work with multiple vendors also allows users to work with public, private or hybrid cloud vendor of their choice.

Context3 - offers topology automation, allowing users to automatically deploy application topologies to virtual and cloud environments quickly, easily and repeatably. Context3 provides configuration management, server role version control, and compatibility with many automation frameworks, such as IWD, Chef, Puppet, RightScale, Rightcripts, and cfengine. Context3 is likewise compatible with multiple scripting languages, such as bash and PowerShell, making any deployment ready for the cloud.

CohesiveFT was formed in 2006 by a team of professionals with decades of enterprise management experience. They have been delivering Cloud Container solutions since 2008 and recently launched the 3.0 versions of the products.

The company has offices in London, Chicago, Belo Horizonte and Palo Alto. For more information, visit

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