CTOvision tracks the most exciting technologies in enterprise IT. Technologies are made real and brought to the market by companies and we present our hot list of IT companies to track here in this category.

Netskope: A leading provider of cloud security and CASB

Netskope is a highly regarded provider of Cloud Application Service Broker (CASB) capabilities. Their focus is cloud security. They help organizations understand online activities, protect data, stop threats, and respond to incidents. Netskope was early in the CASB space, which means they have been thought leaders for quite a while. They have long provided working […]

Bitglass: Next-Gen CASB

Wow we just started tracking CASB about 5 years ago. Now the market has evolved to the point where next-gen CASB are required. Could this be marketing speak? Maybe, but on the other hand, we are hearing good things about Bitglass and definitely consider them one worth tracking. We see them as far more than […]

Skyhigh Networks: CASB Security

Skyhigh is now part of McAfee. Smart move there McAfee! Skyhigh is a leader in CASB, and are known for their focus on making cloud services safe for the enterprise while meeting security, compliance and government requirements. Skyhigh was built to enable enterprises to control there data, even if you do not own your own […]

Dedrone: Leading provider in airspace security

Dedrone is the leading provider in airspace security. They created the first automated software platform that detects drones and mitigates all known drone threats. They are attracting lots of attention in the security community, as well as from investors. They are one of the portfolio of JC2 Ventures, for example. Dedrone’s aerial intrusion detection platform […]

Privoro: Advanced anti-surveillance platform for smartphones

Modern smartphones leak information everywhere they go. Those of us who track matters like this know it and try to minimize risk, but still it is a horrible choice we have to make. Do we bring the smartphone and give up privacy and allow ourselves to be tracked and monitored, or do we leave it […]

Uniphore: Highly scalable, accurate, fast speech recognition technology

Uniphore is solving some of the hardest problems in business technology, those around recognition of speech for business needs. We first learned of Uniphore from John Chambers and his VC firm. His investment in them is a strong endorsement that this is one to watch. The ability to use speech to communicate is arguably the […]