This section of CTOvision, designed and optimized for CTOvision Pro members, provides a fast overview of Cybersecurity companies we believe are poised to cause the most positive disruption in enterprise. Remember CTOvision Pro members can always use our Ask The CTO feature to task us to refine and assess these firms further.

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We have tracked security technologies for over a decade and scour the community for indications of new, virtuous technologies and companies that can help enable enterprise missions through better security.

The most virtuous of these firms focus on doing a small number of things well, or sometimes just doing one and only one thing very well. That is the nature of cyber security technology today. Threats are so complex and enterprises consist of such unique, mission-focused infrastructure that this can make it better for enterprise decision-makers. You can find the one firm that scratches your biggest itch and then move on to the next itch.

But the bad news is with every solution introduced another challenge then becomes the priority. Clearly this is a never ending cycle.

To help you with your continuous searches we maintain this list with continuous updates. The firms we report on below are among the best available. And these are firms with staying power, making them lower risk options. Please contact us for more information on any of them. And please let us know if you think we are missing anyone we should be reporting on.


Dedrone: Leading provider in airspace security

Dedrone is the leading provider in airspace security. They created the first automated software platform that detects drones and mitigates all known drone threats. They are attracting lots of attention in the security community, as well as from investors. They are one of the portfolio of JC2 Ventures, for example. Dedrone’s aerial intrusion detection platform […]

Privoro: Advanced anti-surveillance platform for smartphones

Modern smartphones leak information everywhere they go. Those of us who track matters like this know it and try to minimize risk, but still it is a horrible choice we have to make. Do we bring the smartphone and give up privacy and allow ourselves to be tracked and monitored, or do we leave it […]

Garrison: Secure Web Browsing

With this post, we are initializing our coverage of Garrison Technology, a revolutionary provider of ultra-secure web browsing. Internet access for government employees presents one of the gravest threats to enterprise cyber security today. Compromises on federal networks via spear phishing, watering hole attacks and drive-by-downloads permits cyber attackers ranging from criminals to nation states […]

GreenTec: Persistent Data Protection With Storage Level Security

With this post we are initiating coverage of Virginia based GreenTec-USA. GreenTec-USA is a pioneer in data center modularization and optimization for servers, storage, video and secure document storage. The premise behind their cyber security solutions is one that leaders in the cyber business know well – breaches are not a question of if, but when. […]

PureVPN: Engineered for both speed and security

PureVPN is a very highly regarded VPN provider with capabilities affordable enough for individual use but easily scalable to support businesses. PureVPN now offers “Virtual Router” feature within its Windows application. With this feature, you can convert your Windows-based desktop or laptop into a virtual router and use it to connect up to 10 devices. […]

NordVPN Solutions: Enhancing privacy and security across all IT platforms

NordVPN won PCMagazine’s Editor’s Choice Award, which is important to know given the VPM Market is saturated with providers. Most all VPNs rely on the same basic information to express why you need a VPN: It makes WiFi safer wherever you are, can help give you access to more parts of the Internet by lifting […]