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  • AlienVault: Providing An Open Threat Exchange

    AlienVault is now part of AT&T.   AlienVault Open Threat Exchange (OTX) gives you access to the largest crowd-sourced threat intelligence exchange. OTX is an open threat information sharing and analysis network, created to put effective security measures within the reach of all organizations. Unlike invitation-only threat sharing networks, OTX provides real-time, actionable information to […] More

  • ThreatConnect: Provider of advanced threat intelligence products and services

    ThreatConnect, Inc. is the leading provider of advanced threat intelligence products and services including ThreatConnect, a Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP). ThreatConnect delivers a single platform in the cloud and on-premises to effectively aggregate, analyze, and act to counter sophisticated cyber-attacks. Leveraging advanced analytics capabilities ThreatConnect offers a superior understanding of relevant cyber threats to business operations. […] More

  • Darktrace: Enterprise Immune System technology

    Darktrace is one of the world’s fastest-growing cyber defense companies and the leader in Enterprise Immune System technology, a new category of cyber solutions based on pioneering Bayesian mathematics developed at the University of Cambridge.For an introduction to Darktrace see the video embedded below:   Darktrace addresses the challenge of insider threat and advanced cyber-attacks […] More

  • Senrio: Know your environment

    Senrio provides a new kind of security for IoT, industrial control, medical technology and all embedded devices.From their website: It is 2018 and chances are you still don’t actually know what is on your network. The reality for most enterprises is their networks are suffering from major install-gaps and software licensing volume mismatches. They are […] More

  • EclecticIQ: Enabler of Threat Intelligence-Powered Cyber Defenses

    EclecticIQ is a global enabler for threat intelligence-powered cyber defenses. They are an intelligence platform that we built by analyst for analysts. Unlike others in the space, who are focused more on data management and SOC use cases, EclecticIQ is focused on automating mundane tasks and providing the human analyst with superior capabilities to perform […] More

  • Anomali: Rapid identification of threats to your enterprise

    Anomali identifies real threats in your network, at any scale, in seconds. Threat Intelligence has become a common resource for commercial and government organizations to use as part of their cybersecurity posture. Many organizations are now using Threat Intelligence as part of their security suite in order to understand the kinds of adversaries that they’re […] More

  • ProtectWise: Cloud-powered network detection and response (NDR)

    ProtectWise™ provides cloud-powered Network Detection and Response (NDR). The ProtectWise Grid™ delivers security entirely from the cloud. ProtectWise provides a disruptive utility model for enterprise security, delivering pervasive visibility, automated threat detection and unlimited forensic exploration on-demand and entirely from the cloud. This this capability, analysts have a new way to to intuitively interact with […] More

  • Flashpoint: Business Risk Intelligence (BRI)

    Flashpoint delivers Business Risk Intelligence (BRI) to empower business units across organizations with a decision advantage over threats and adversaries. The firm is highly regarded for really delivering capabilities to decision-makers. They are also known for the world class team of experts they have attracted to their leadership team. We are tracking Flashpoint in our […] More