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QuintessenceLabs: Advanced quantum cybersecurity products with high-speed true random numbers, encryption key management, and one time pad encryption.

QuintessenceLabs delivers a trusted security foundation protecting sensitive data on your premises, in the cloud or in uncontrolled environments.

Founded in 2006, QuintessenceLabs addresses the most difficult security challenges facing companies, helping implement robust security strategies to protect data today and in the future. QuintessenceLabs products include: - an enterprise scale true random number generator delivering full entropy random at 1 Gbit / sec - a vendor neutral, centralized key and policy manager with fine grained policy management and logging and true random keys - one-time pad protection for recording and storage devices in uncontrolled environments

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Digital Guardian: Data aware security

Digital Guardian markets themselves as  the only data aware security platform designed to stop data theft.

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The Digital Guardian platform performs across traditional endpoints, mobile devices and cloud applications to make it easier to see and stop all threats to sensitive data. Their aim: enable data-rich organizations to protect their most valuable assets with an on premise deployment or an outsourced managed security program (MSP).

Their unique data awareness and transformative endpoint visibility, combined with behavioral threat detection and response, let you protect data without slowing the pace of your business.

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PKWARE: Inventors of Zip now fielding smart, scalable encryption

PKWARE has a history of producing scalable, highly functional software and approaches to data storage, movement and encryption.  With this post we are initiating coverage of PKWARE, tracking them in our Disruptive IT Directory in our sections on the highest performing Infrastructure and Security companies.

PKWARE's Smartcrypt solution enables organizations of all sizes to armor their data so it is protected everywhere it is used, shared and stored. Smartcrypt is a next-generation encryption and key management capability. Its very strong encryption is matched with very easy to use interfaces that make security just as easy as can be.

The thing we like the most about Smartcrypt is that is is proven by real world enterprise use. It works and is already a critically important component of operational defenses in over 30,000 enterprises right now.

The approach is to provide persistent protection and control that travels with information. It works across platforms, from mobile devices to PCs to Macs to enterprise servers.

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Zettaset Orchestrator: Providing independent management and security layers

Zettaset Orchestrator™ is an enterprise software application which functions as an independent management and security layer, sitting on top of any Apache Hadoop distribution.

Orchestrator has been specifically designed to meet the security requirements of the distributed architectures which predominate in big data and Hadoop environments. Orchestrator creates a comprehensive security wrapper around any Hadoop cluster. With Orchestrator, organizations can now confidently deploy Hadoop in data center environments where security and compliance is a business imperative.

The Zettaset Vision
  • Be the undisputed leader in secure Big Data management
  • Reduce IT overhead by leveraging software automation in place of professional services
  • Simplify installation and management of Hadoop and its distributed infrastructure
  • Deliver an enterprise-hardened solution that addresses security and high availability
  • Enable our software to run on top of the leading Hadoop distributions
  • Accelerate and broaden the adoption of Hadoop as the primary engine for Big Data analytics

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Koolspan: Encryption, Authentication, and Key Management in a Single Hardware-Based Solution

KoolSpan, Inc. provides simple secure connectivity solutions that seamlessly unite mission-critical network devices. KoolSpan TrustCall provides robust, cross-platform, end-to-end communication security on mobile devices for Governments and Enterprises, SMBs and Consumers.

KoolSpan’s TrustChip simply and intuitively transforms a standard smartphone, or any computing device, into a secure communication device. A purpose-built crypto processor designed into a standard microSD package, the TrustChipmakes security an inherent part of the communication experience-as simple as connectivity itself.

The Kool Span TrustChip delivers a full suite of security services including key management, authentication and encryption. These capabilities are leveraged by application developers and OEMs via the TrustChip Developer Kit.

Because it is deployed in its own optimized hardware environment, KoolSpan’s high-performance TrustChip is insulated from threats that can reside in open platform and mobile host devices. This uniquely additive security processor provides a hardware-anchor to secure voice and other applications which harness the TrustChip’s power.

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