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Crowdstrike: Next generation endpoint protection, threat intelligence, and services focused on stopping breaches.

Crowdstrike provides next generation endpoint protection, threat intelligence, and services focused on stopping breaches. They are one of the most widely recognized brands in the cybersecurity community. 

The Crowdstrike Falcon platform stops breaches by combining next-generation anti-virus, endpoint detection and response, and proactive hunting into one platform. They are also highly regarded for their cybersecurity services in incident response. 

The endpoint defense market has many contenders to evaluate when doing market research, most of which we list below. Crowdstrike should make the shortlist of any runoff you do. 

The following provides a brief introduction on what is different about the Crowdstrike Falcon approach:

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FireEye: Purpose-built, Virtual Machine-based Security Platform

Everyone we know already knows about FireEye. This is a big reason we do not report on it more here at CTOvision, they get plenty of coverage elsewhere. But for continuity we had to add them to our curated lists of security firms so there is no doubt in anyone's mind that we are tracking this very capable firm. The hard thing to do is to categorize them, they do so much now that they should really be considered a platform company. But they are very strong in the network layer and in ensuring cyber threat intelligence is operationalized.

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Here is the gist of what they do:

FireEye has invented a purpose-built, virtual machine-based security platform that provides real-time threat protection to enterprises and governments worldwide against the next generation of cyber attacks. These highly sophisticated cyber attacks easily circumvent traditional signature-based defenses, such as next-generation firewalls, IPS, anti-virus, and gateways. The FireEye Threat Prevention Platform provides real-time, dynamic threat protection without the use of signatures to protect an organization across the primary threat vectors and across the different stages of an attack life cycle.

The core of the FireEye platform is a virtual execution engine, complemented by dynamic threat intelligence, to identify and block cyber attacks in real time. FireEye has over 2,200 customers across more than 60 countries, including over 130 of the Fortune 500.

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Darktrace: Enterprise Immune System technology

Darktrace is one of the world’s fastest-growing cyber defense companies and the leader in Enterprise Immune System technology, a new category of cyber solutions based on pioneering Bayesian mathematics developed at the University of Cambridge.

For an introduction to Darktrace see the video embedded below:


Darktrace addresses the challenge of insider threat and advanced cyber-attacks through its unique ability to detect previously unidentified threats in real time, as manifested in the emerging behaviors of the network, devices and individuals. Some of the world’s largest organizations rely on Darktrace’s adaptive, self-learning platform to spot anomalous activity within the enterprise, in sectors including energy and utilities, financial services, telecommunications, retail and transportation.

Darktrace was founded by world-class machine learning specialists and operational government intelligence experts. The company is headquartered in Cambridge, UK, with offices in London, Milan, New York, Paris, San Francisco and Washington D.C.

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Tanium: Modern systems management

Tanium is widely known for their approach to endpoint management that tracks everything in the endpoint and leverages that for enterprise control. An enterprise solution that allows you to query and modify your managed computer assets in seconds, regardless of the size of your network.

Most enterprise CIOs and CTOs have at least considered what Tanium can do for them already. Many have had very successful proof of concepts. Others have evaluated and gone with other options so it is very important to consider the competitive landscape.

For an overview see the video at this link:

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Lookout: Mobile Security Through Data Approaches

Lookout is a security technology company dedicated to making the post-PC world safer for everyone. They develop software that secures personal devices, protects the BYOD workforce and defends mobile infrastructure and networks.

To address the unique security challenges of the Post-PC era, Lookout takes a different approach, tackling security as a data problem. They created the world’s largest mobile data set and combined it with the power of  45 million users to build a powerful cloud-based protection platform.

Lookout was founded by John Hering, James Burgess and Kevin Mahaffey, three mobile security researchers who met at the University of Southern California. The trio’s early security research led them to conclude that threats to mobile users would grow rapidly.

From their website:

We build security technology that protects people, businesses, governments, and critical infrastructure from the growing threats in the post-PC era. Mobile from the start, we take a different approach to security, using the world’s largest mobile dataset, cloud technology and the power of our 45 million users to proactively protect the devices and networks that power our connected world.

We’re passionate about designing products that people love and, more importantly, that they trust. We’re proud to have our efforts recognized with awards like 2013 World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer and Fast Company’s Most Innovative Mobile Companies.

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