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JASK: Modernizing security operations via an Autonomous Security Operations Center

Driven by AI and ML, the JASK autonomous security operations center (ASOC) platform frees analysts to become proactive threat investigators and responders.

We believe the JASK approach is exactly what is needed in the continual struggle to automate security response. This is a great way to use computers for what they do best to free up what humans do best in mitigating threats.

From their website:

JASK fuses collected data with alerts from existing security solutions and applies AI and machine learning to automate the correlation and analysis of threat alerts. JASK Insights deliver the most high-priority threat incidents for streamlined investigations and faster response times - guiding the SOC analyst to the most critical tasks and freeing them to proactively identify new threats.

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Alert Logic: Cloud Security as a Service

Alert Logic is widely known as an a provider of managed security services which can provide continuous monitoring and response managed by experts for firms using cloud, on-prem or hybrid architectures. They serve almost 4,000 organizations worldwide which gives them tremendous insights into adversary tactics and ways to mitigate threats. 

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There are many providers in the managed security services space, but Alert Logic rises to the top for their ability to reduce risks in economical ways.  

From their website:

We provide Security as a Service solutions that combine Cloud based software and innovative analytics with expert services to assess, detect and block threats to applications and other workloads. We also help you comply with mandates like PCI DSS, HIPAA and SOX COBIT. Protection extends to your full stack of web application components and infrastructure to defend against a broad range of server-side threats -- including hard-to-detect web application attacks such as SQL injection, path traversal and cross-site scripting.

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eSentire: Active cyberthreat protection solutions mitigate inbound and internal cyberattacks and prevent data exfiltration

esentireeSentire protects enterprises with advanced cybersecurity capabilities.

eSentire leverages their own threat intelligence and third-party feeds as well as customer data via a high performance analytics platform. This is done in a very cost-effective way which allows most all organizations to benefit from their continuous detection and mitigation of threats.

eSentire has been included in Gartner's list of "Cool Vendors" in Cloud Security Services and was highlighted for offering highly innovative technologies that address organizational needs for agile, responsive and cost-effective solutions.

From the eSentire website:

The traditional security technologies that form your perimeter defenses are mandatory cybersecurity hygiene. But in the world of complex cybercrime, you need more than technology to defend against
today’s sophisticated, targeted threats.

eSentire provides mid-sized enterprises with advanced cybersecurity capabilities. We effectively detect and mitigate threats that your existing security technology can miss, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We pioneered Continuous Active Threat Protection, which leading analyst firm Gartner Inc. has coined as a best practices framework for defending against the types of advanced threats that repeatedly drive today’s headlines.

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