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StackRox: Defense, Detection and Response for Containers and Microservices

Stackrox is delivering a well thought out defense and governance capability for the new world of containers and microservices. 

StackRox was a winner of the RSA Innovation Sandbox for 2018. The following is an overview provided at the event which captures the vision and architecture of StackRox:

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VArmour: Making microsegmentation work for enterprise missions

vArmour is a data center and cloud security company that delivers agentless security services to auto-discover app communications, optimize policy modeling, and protect critical apps across multi-clouds.

Our view: if you are in a cloud transition (and isn't everyone?) you should leverage a microsegmentation strategy and that means you should evaluate tech providers in this space. The clear leader in executing on microsegmentation is vArmour.

vArmour is the industries first distributed security system that leverages microsegmentation to provide granular insight and control for multi-cloud workloads. This raises defenses for the entire enterprise, but also makes it easier to respond to the inevitable surprises that will always occur.

For insights into the company see this introduction by CEO Tim Eades:

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Dome9: Airtight Security for Your Cloud Servers

Dome9 provides functionality that enables you to fully protect your cloud servers by default. To gain access to a server, the admin requests a secure access lease, which by default provides access for 1 hour, for a specific server and protocol, connecting from a specific IP. Dome9 Central notifies the Dome9 Agent on your cloud server that there is a new policy to enforce (e.g., Allow SSH from IP address The Agent then opens the designated port, enabling the identified user to gain access and carry out his tasks. After the lease expires (default is 1 hour), Dome9 Central notifies the Dome9 Agent to close the cloud server port.

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CloudPassage: Everything You Need to Secure Your Cloud Servers

CloudPassage prides themselves in securing your agile IT infrastructure with an on-demand, automated security platform that works in any infrastructure, at any scale. CloudPassage Halo is your security command center for securing your cloud servers - any cloud provider, any hypervisor, anytime.

CloudPassage Halo bridges the gap between traditional perimeter-oriented data center security and security in dynamic cloud environments. Halo offers a broad range of features to address cloud security issues from dynamic firewall automation to software vulnerability assessment, Halo event logging and alerting, account management and more. Delivered as Software-as-a-Service, Halo requires no hardware, complex deployment or special expertise.

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