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IWC-3 21-24 April 2020

April 21 - April 24

IWC-3 2020 – Formerly InfoWarCon, is a conference founded by @winnschwartau in 1993 to bring together senior level techs and push the edge of Information Security.

This year’s theme:


The pursuit of perfection has hampered organizations for too long. The cost to be 100% protected is extremely high – and never provides the expected protection.

Cyber Resilience is a new push by the government, and some in the industry, to say; We know we are going to get hacked/attacked. But…. How do we continue to operate when under an attack and get the mission done? How do we make a system resilient?

At next year’s IWC-3, we will be exploring through talks, concepts, and research, about how to keep your critical infrastructure operational through an attack.

Examples of questions to be discussed;

  • How do you detect the attack?
  • How do you mitigate, isolate, or eradicate the attacker?
  • How do you keep the mission or system going?
  • What do you capture from the attacker to research better protection?
  • How do you stop them the next time?

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April 21
April 24