CTOvision Tech News Update 23 Jan 2018

Tech news over the last week confirms many trends you are already no doubt tracking.

Globally, cybersecurity incidents show a continued evolution of tactics, techniques and methods, but the most sinister still seem to involve old fashioned deception tactics. Deception tactics are now being used to attack cryptocurrency wallets. If you have your own cryptocurrency wallet, keep it and your password safe. If you use a service for that, use one that is well trusted that engineers in good security.

We also learned this week that a surprising number of gmail users do not use multi-factor authentication. We have not seen hard data about other services, but have to assume that they also have surprisingly low numbers of accounts using MFA. This makes this one that all of us should care about. How can we in the tech community help raise everyone's awareness of this important step? The solution may involve the tech giants themselves, but what is our role as techies? All of us should be thinking of how we lead on this one.

Artificial Intelligence is still receiving large quantities of VC funding and is also being used heavily by the big players, who continue to fund research into how to leverage it better. From the high end, GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple) are driving AI, as well as so many other aspects of our future tech enabled world, and news this last week shows that.

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