What’s in Store for the Big Data and Security Debate

Data is becoming an increasingly important component of business models and marketing mixes. As a result of this, we are seeing the emergence of a culture of data collection that is startlingly creative and in some cases, arguably invasive. In the current data-obsessed business and tech environment, almost anything anyone does can be quantified and […]

Understanding the Security Risks of New Cloud Software

Cloud computing provides businesses with quality solutions for their IT needs, as well as substantial cost savings over purchasing and maintaining their own hardware and software. Cloud services are generally pay-as-you-go solutions that offer flexibility and are scalable to business growth. With rising competition among cloud providers, customers benefit from falling prices and improving services. […]

Cyber Intelligence and Defense for the Public Sector, Part 2: The Growth and Importance of Threat Intelligence

As attested to in our previous post in this series, the dynamic nature of today’s cyber threats has led to the evolution of cyber threat intelligence as an essential component of every enterprise’s cyber risk reduction strategy. Threat intelligence provides organizations with the information needed to make smarter, data driven decisions about protecting their sensitive […]

Cybersecurity Protocols to Implement in an Always-Connected Workforce

It used to be that workers would come into the office, sit at their desk, work for eight hours (with a break for lunch in there somewhere), and then go home. Now, however, work is moving out of the office and into, well… everywhere else. With teleconferencing, smartphones, cloud computing, and a long line of […]

Cyber Intelligence and Defense for the Public Sector, Part 1

Part 1: The Challenge In today’s connected society, the threat posed by cyber actors and the reality of countless high-profile breaches have catapulted cyber security to a top priority for most organizations. According to recent studies, today, cyber crime and cyber espionage are estimated to cost the global economy over $400 billion each year. However, […]

Recovering From a Security Breach

There are few things more unsettling for a company than being the victim of a security breach. Simply knowing that hackers have targeted you and gained access to sensitive information is enough to make any organization feel vulnerable. Equally distressing is knowing that such an attack may happen again in the future. While the time […]