DataRobot: Automating to enable better predictive models and predictions quicker

We first ran into DataRobot a year ago as word of this stealthy startup and their highly capable team began to circulate in the community. Over the past year they have revealed much more about their offerings and approach, enough to grab our attention. We are initiating coverage of DataRobot and will be tracking them on our list of Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence companies.

First off, one thing that turns us off about the firm is the opening arrogance of the marketing on their website (“If it’s not DataRobot, it’s not Data Science” and then statements about having the world’s best data scientists, for example). If their site strikes you that way too we encourage you to keep reading. Just chalk the braggadocio up to the pride of a very capable team that believes in themselves.

The site does provide enough info to make it clear that there is great capability here. Data Robot combines automation software with education and advice from great minds who are very highly regarded in the community. And they do it in a way that make a big impact on multiple organizations. Here is one of many use cases articulated on their site:

DataRobot is a machine learning automation platform that enables companies to extract value from their data orders of magnitude faster than anything else on the market. It does this by capturing and automating the best practices of the world’s top data scientists in software that makes it easy for business analysts, developers, and data professionals to rapidly build and implement highly accurate predictive models. DataRobot integrates a vast array of the latest open source machine learning algorithms from R, Python, Spark, H20, and more (rather than a small selection of proprietary algorithms), and it makes it easy for even inexperienced users to always select the best algorithms and pre-processing for the problems they are trying to solve.

Also see the YouTube at this link and embedded below:

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