DataStax: Solutions for Apache Cassandra

DataStax delivers Apache Cassandra to the enterprise and powers online applications for 400+ customers and more than 20 of the Fortune 100.

This video captures insights into their Astra capability:

DataStax Enterprise is tailor made to manage Big Data. DataStax Enterprise’s built-for-scale architecture – based on Apache Cassandra – enables it to handle huge volumes of all types of data in a rapid fashion better than any RDBMS or other NoSQL solution.

Plus, only DataStax Enterprise provides a smart data platform that enables real-time/online data to be managed alongside analytic data stored in the same database.

Built-in workload isolation keeps real-time and analytic operations separated so no competition exists for either the underlying data or compute resources. And DataStax Enterprise requires no complex or expensive ETL tools or operations. All data is replicated between real-time and analytic nodes transparently with no intervention being necessary.

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