Dell to be public again, Tech companies search for talent in community colleges, DARPA’s EDA Project, Google enters scooter biz

The following are some of the tech topics we are following:

Dell to Return to Public Markets With Tracking Stock Buyout

Five years after it had exited the stock markets, the Tech Titan Dell has decided to go public again. It will be listed on NYSE again by subsuming its tracking stock DVMT in a cash and share-swap deal worth $21.7 billion. Dell Technologies Inc., the world’s largest private technology company said that it was financially stronger and more diverse leader in computer equipment and software. Source: Bloomberg.

Big Tech’s Hot New Talent Incubator: Community College

One of the severe problems plaguing tech sector is the scarcity of cyber talent. Now tech giants are working out ways to partner with community colleges via apprenticeships, certifications, and degrees as a way to attract a skilled and more diverse workforce. While this will attract skilled talent pool to the college, in return, the tech companies will be able to tap into this student force for its cyber recruitment. Read more about it on Wall Street Journal.

Alphabet adds to transport bets with scooter deal

Google's parent thinks that the future is in hybrid transport. After its driverless car tech, Alphabet, the Google parent has decided to collaborate with GV in Lime. Lime is an electric smart scooter startup and Alphabet will be investing around $300 million in the company, adding to an increasingly complex web of deals in transport and “smart city” ventures by the internet company and Larry Page, its co-founder. Source: Financial Times.

DARPA Unveils $100M EDA Project

Now that the chip and processor industry has hit the speed barrier, the US government agency, DARPA had decided to invest $100 million over the next four years to create the equivalent of a silicon compiler aimed at significantly lowering the barriers to design chips. The two programs are just part of the Electronics Resurgence Initiative (ERI) expected to receive $1.5 billion over the next five years to drive the U.S. electronics industry forward. Read about DARPA's new initiative on EE Times.

Security, Resilience, Innovation And Collaboration Key Themes In Canada’s New Cyber Strategy

Canada is rolling out a roadmap for its businesses in face of increasing cyber threats. The Canadian government last week released a new strategy to guide its approach to cybersecurity in the digital age, outlining the themes of security and resilience, cyber innovation, and leadership and collaboration, for the government and its partners to work with. The new program will have security, resilience, innovation and collaboration as key themes. Source: Defense Daily.

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