What Are The Most Demanded Data Science and Machine Learning Jobs in 2018

What are the most in demand jobs? What career should I chose? What machine learning and data science jobs are in demand? While Information Technology fields in general have healthily grown in the past decade, there’s an emerging sector in the market that’s taking off in ways unrivaled by traditional computer science. Machine learning and data science are two exciting sections of tech where job growth is phenomenal as new and more advanced techniques to collect, store, and utilize data emerge from new technologies.

Data Science Job Growth in 2018

With the emergence of social networks, mobile apps, and smart devices, so-called ‘Big Data‘ is growing exponentially in 2018. Companies that collect and store user data, which includes everything from advertising research and shopping habits to medical records and job performance statistics, need employees to maintain and analyze information in ways that help achieve organizational means.

For every minute that passes, thousands of Gigabytes are being created or uploaded to the web around the clock. There’s a high demand for people who can create storage systems like databases to store and filter through all of this data. Even smaller companies are beginning to hire data scientists, data science researchers, and database developers to organize and make use of the massive information being generated in 2018.

How to Get a Data Science Career this Year

Companies in nearly every sector are hiring data science and machine learning experts this year, to manage the expanding amount of data they collect through business dealings and customer service. The best way to earn a job in data science is to become qualified through either certification or a degree-based program. A general computer science four-year degree from an accredited college will go a long way in getting you a top salary for one of the newer positions in these fields.

Since the fields are newly-emerging, lacking relevant past job experience is less of an issue than in other areas. Certifications from Microsoft and other recognized industry anchors can also help you achieve employment, while taking much less time to earn. Another area where job growth in data science is growing is in governmental organizations.

Branches of the government that collect and store data, including the defense department, the CDC, and National Institute of Health, are always hiring well-trained data researchers, scientists, and technicians. Many of these departments maintain a government app for information dissemination, access to health records, and other services, which is a good opportunity for data science majors who wish to build or maintain apps and databases.

The Best Machine Learning Careers for 2018

Machine Learning technologies like voice to text algorithms, translation software, automated chat assistance and customer service, and even task-oriented robotic learning are hitting the market fast and favorably this year. Companies are making use of AI services to assist customers instantly and on-demand.

If you’re looking to enter the workforce as a machine learning specialist, programmer, or technician, then you have plenty of options regarding required education and niche within the field. Programmers capable of creating algorithms to enhance Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are one of the most in-demand jobs of the tech era.

The best place to start as a newcomer to this field is to learn a robust programming language like JavaScript or Python, perhaps through a fast-paced programming boot camp. Engineers who have advanced in the field can earn salaries of $150,000 working for industry leaders like IBM, Microsoft, and Sony.

Other top machine learning and data science jobs in high demand for 2018 include account managers, project managers, software engineers, developers, and even sales representatives with a deep understand of the concepts behind these technologies.

Data science and machine learning careers are becoming more lucrative than nearly any other career in computer science this year. Corporations, governmental agencies, and small businesses are all turning to AI and machine learning solutions to increase efficiency and revenue. Data scientists are needed now more than ever before, to maintain the nearly endless amount of data being produced by consumers, patients, and even smart devices in 2018.

Whether you want a job in software, hardware, sales, engineering, or planning, you’re in good shape if you’re entering the data science field today.

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