Denodo: an Enterprise Data Services Platform based on Data Virtualization and Data Federation technologies

Denodo: an Enterprise Data Services Platform based on Data Virtualization and Data Federation technologies

Denodo Technologies, Inc. has redefined data integration to make the delivery of data to the corporate business applications simple.

The Denodo Data Services Platform is an enterprise Data Virtualization, Data Federation and Cloud Data Integration middleware that uses a declarative approach to abstract, unify, federate and understand disparate data sources and systems, supporting multiple acquisition and delivery modes and latency requirements, as well as a rich set of easy to use data transformation, data federation and data mashup capabilities.

Through Data Virtualization and Data Services, Denodo makes virtual data integration more flexible to adapt to the changing business needs and the evolution of the IT infrastructure, more universal to connect to a wider range of internal and external data sources, including the Web data, Cloud data, SaaS applications and less structured sources, and more cost-effective, by radically reducing licenses costs and the need for professional services and support.

Organizations looking to leverage their data assets and the information accessible via the Web can now easily and economically integrate with Denodo all relevant virtual data sources regardless of structure or location, and innovate much faster than competitors through new business applications and processes thrived by the availability of data.

World leading companies in verticals like telecommunications, financial services, life sciences, and information services, as well as governments, use Denodo to extend the value of their enterprise data integration initiatives and enable core strategic solutions in different areas:

  • Unified Desktops for Contact Centers with flexible connection to the corporate back-end,
  • Self-service Customer Portals to expand and improve the online interaction with customers,
  • Citizen Portals for a better e-government accountability and transparency,
  • Real-time Dashboards and Scorecards for operational business intelligence,
  • Intelligence applications for Homeland Security and Defense that expand over disperse data sources not considered before, including the Web,
  • Market Intelligence applications for a better customer and competitor profiling based on digital footprints,
  • Real time Information Aggregation for E-commerce Sites to offer services on the fly that require an updated data mashup coming from multiple data sources, and
  • Shared Virtualized Data Services Layers as data hubs or enterprise data fabrics for a service-oriented architecture to offer reusable easy-to-configure real-time data views and web-services to multiple corporate applications and channels.

Denodo was founded in 1999, is a privately held company, venture-backed by a $2.8B private equity firm, with main offices in Palo Alto, CA, Madrid, Spain, and London, UK.

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