DHS opens new cybersecurity center to protect infrastructure, Amazon works issues of Rekognition, self-assessment to help against data breaches, Samsung’s IoT hub open to attacks

The following are some of the cybersecurity topics we are tracking:

At DHS Announcement, Pence Blames Russia for 2016 Election Interference, Vows to Tighten Cybersecurity

The United States government is preparing a major cybersecurity rehaul to protect key public infrastructure. US Department of Homeland Security announced on Tuesday the creation of a new center aimed at guarding the nation’s banks, energy companies, and other industries from major cyber attacks that could cripple critical infrastructure. In a government-hosted cybersecurity summit in New York, DHS announced that the center would aim to protect US key sectors from cyber attacks. Read more on Wall Street Journal.

Digital resilience – a step up from cybersecurity

We are living in an increasingly digital world, but many organizations are still unaware of the extent to which they rely on digital technology and the risks that come with it. As we head towards a digitally dependent future, the need for digital resilience has never been greater. Read Debbie Garside's article about how digital resilience is a step up from cybersecurity on CSO Online.

Amazon quietly invited Congress to 'weigh in' on facial recognition

Ever since its launch, Amazon's AI-driven Rekognition tool has been under fire from privacy groups. In fact, the premier US privacy rights association, ACLU came out with a number of tests to show how Amazon's Rekognition tool can be abused by authorities to snoop on private citizens. Amazon, on the other hand, has taken exception to ACLU's test and said that it is for US government to decide how to use the tech. In other words, Amazon has put the ball in US government's court regarding the abuse of its Rekognition tool. Read more on CNet.

How Self-Assessment Can Help You Avoid a Data Breach

Each new data breach that makes headlines causes companies to grow more and more concerned about cybersecurity. In response, businesses are upping their investments in cybersecurity with the hopes of shielding their systems from cybercriminals, protecting their data and keeping their names out of the news. However, Ravi Srinivasan says companies are better off self-assessing their cybersecurity strategy and needs. Read how self-assessment can help companies avoid costly data breaches on Security Intelligence. Before doing a self assessment, we recommend reviewing best practices. We capture some here at Crucial Point LLC Cybersecurity Best Practices.

Bugs in Samsung IoT Hub Leave Smart Home Open To Attack

Samsung's SmartThings Internet of Things Hub made headlines a couple of weeks back when researchers from CISCO Talos found that anyone running simple scripts can hack into connected devices. The researchers found no less than 20 bugs in Samsung's SmartThings Hub. These vulnerabilities allowed unknown hackers to gain remote control of smart locks, security cameras and other things connected to the Hub. Samsung has separately released a firmware advisory for Hub V2 devices on July 9. Read more about how Samsung's SmartThings Hub is vulnerable to multiple hacking threats on Threat Post.

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