Digital Reasoning: Automated Understanding for Big Data

Digital Reasoning is now part of Smarsh.

Enterprise and Government customers are awash with too much data. This data has three demanding characteristics – it is too big (volume), it is accumulating too fast (velocity) and it is located in many location and forms (variety). Solutions today have attempted to find ever better methods of getting the user to the “right” documents. As a result, data scientists and data analysts today are confronted with the dilemma of an ever-increasing need to read to understand. This is an untenable problem.

In response to this new set of market demands, Digital Reasoning developed Synthesys. Instead of trying to find ever-better ways to deliver documents, Synthesys transforms structured and unstructured data into the underlying facts, entities, relationships, and associated terms to eliminate the need for data analysts to read in order to understand.

Synthesys delivers an entity oriented analytics solution that brings together the latest entity extraction and NLP technology, geo and temporal reasoning, and patented associative net along with extreme scalability in order to solve some of today’s biggest data analytics challenges. Synthesys works with our partners to deliver a solution that address the volume, velocity and variety of today’s big data challenges – Automated Understanding for Big Data.

Why do customers choose Synthesys?

  • Find non-obvious connections based on limited search parameters.
  • Analyze information in real-time
  • Visualize and Summarize critical relationships
  • Single point solution that can scale to an infinite number of servers

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