Digital Risk of Data Increases When Employees Leave

Employee turnover can potentially have serious effects on an organization’s productivity, morale, profit, financial resources, and increase an organization’s digital risk posture. The data that employees work with and have access to becomes more vulnerable and susceptible to leaks as employees prepare for departure. Current research shows that employees are increasingly taking sensitive or proprietary information with them when they depart an organization, whether intentionally or not, putting the organization at enhanced risk of losing intellectual property and revenue.

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This report on legal and business website Lexology says, in part:

Unfortunately, it has become common practice for employees to take sensitive and confidential corporate data with them when leaving an employer. A recent white paper published by Osterman Research (the “Paper”) highlights this problem and presents solutions for employers seeking to mitigate the risks of data security when employees leave.

According to the Paper, 87% of employees surveyed by Biscom in late 2015 admitted that when they left a company, they took with them data they created during the course of their employment. A further 28% of those employees admitted to taking data created by others upon departure.

Data theft can damage an organization in a number of ways. It can harm the company’s competitive position and, as a result, have a direct negative impact on revenue. Further, data theft can place a company at risk of regulatory violation. Failing to protect sensitive customer information, for example, can put a company in breach of applicable privacy laws. Ultimately, the company may decide to pursue legal action against the former employee, a costly and unwanted exercise for everyone involved.

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