DoD Intelligence Information Systems (DoDIIS) Conference 18-21 August 2019

The DoDIIS conference is always a great way to learn the technology needs of the Defense Intelligence Agency and many key partners and customers. This year, like in years past, will see plenary sessions where attendees can hear directly from leaders responsible for critical government functions articulate their goals and visions. Breakout sessions will dive deep into a wide range of topics. The theme of the event this year is Resiliency, Redundancy and Security. Those have always been topics of high interest to this community but it is good seeing this as a special focus area given the nature of threats facing the nation.

DoDIIS is in Tampa this year, which is known for a great convention center conducive to events like this (with great air conditioning by the way!).

One of my favorite aspects of the DoDIIS conference is the expo floor, where companies that seek to serve intelligence missions provide demos of technology or articulate how their services can support. A quick review of the conference website indicates about 240 vendors will be exhibiting.

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