Domo: Cloud-based interactive visualizations for line of business executives

For many who track business intelligence and analytics, Domo seemed like it came out of no where.

There was a time before Domo and then all of a sudden everyone is talking about it. Turns out that is due to a very smart approach at architecting a great solution. Now it works well and delivers capabilities for executives in ways that make them talk about what they like in Domo. That generates buzz.

They do have a cloud only approach, that will be a turn-off for many organizations. But will be a very agile competitive advantage to others. You have to decide which side of that equation you want to be on.

From their website:

It started with highly respected, highly frustrated executives who felt locked out of their own business data. And when you get that much talent and experience focused on one problem—making data more accessible to business leaders—you get a phenomenal solution.

Now, with more than $450 million in funding, Domo serves executives across every role and across a broad range of industries.

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