Microlearning – Training Your Employees More Effectively

An important thing in every company is employee training if the organization is to continue reaping from its important resource—employees. Nonetheless, employees are always busy with all kinds of duties and clearly always on the move. In such a case, microlearning comes in handy to give each of them easy to learn programs that fit […]

Revamping Your Training Process: How to Do It Effectively

Many companies these days have customized training programs. These programs, also known as corporate training, teach employees new skills and employ the expertise of training consultants to do so. Some companies will have training companies come in and work with employees, while others will do such work in-house. Regardless of the structure, nearly all companies […]

David Bray of FCC @FCC_CIO Discusses Public Service and Data Analytics at 2014 Analyst Forum 

On July 30th in northern Virginia, some of the greatest minds in analytics for business, outcomes, and mission impact gathered to share their lessons learned and experiences with data analytics. Academia, government, and industry came together to provide a comprehensive approach to investigating how we can better extract knowledge from information (see our recap here). This post […]

Jumpstart Your Architecture Modernization Efforts With Repeatable Big Data Blueprints

Enterprises everywhere have been seeking improved ways to make use of their data. Federal agencies have in many ways been on the cutting edge of community efforts at big data, with most all agencies either executing on a comprehensive big data strategy or empowering technologist to explore and prove out possible solutions so a strategy […]

Open Source Degree: An alternative to a computer science degree

So, you want to be a programmer. Well you need to get a computer science degree right? Maybe, but would you like to know about a free alternative? Why not a computer science degree? Some of the best programmers have a computer science degree and some of the best programmers don’t. In all the times […]

3D printing facial implant, online orders delivered in fifteen minutes and more

Today’s cyber news we are tracking: 3D printing facial implant, Receiving online orders in less than 15 minutes, AV world rankings, and more. Technology has reinvented itself again. A British restaurant manager was diagnose with a cancerous tumor growing on the left side of his face.  He was referred to a surgeon to have this […]