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  • Everything is Amazing and Nobody is Happy

    The video below of Louis C.K. on Conan is hilarious. Great tech humor! But it has a couple serious points related to enterprise IT and user expectations. Please watch it and laugh and let me know if you see what I mean. Do you think he could be talking about the users in your enterprise? […] More

  • My Blackberry Isn’t Working: It is completely frozen! has just opened our new Tech Humor category. In honor of this wondrous event we would like to re-post one of our favorite tech commentaries involving those champions of technology explanation Ronnie Corbett and Harry Enfield.  These two walk us through products and services and technology trends and bring the laughs as they do. Enjoy!   […] More

  • IT Architecture as taught by Monty Python

    One of my friends and mentors, Bill Vass of Liquid Robotics, has consistently advised IT professionals to understand, respect and use the power of well formed IT architecture.  Bill has often reminded me and others that architecture is design.  If you have poor design, or if you have good design that is ignored, then the […] More

  • Some humor for the CTO: Dakota Wisdom meets the enterprise

    An enterprise technologist from government gave me this piece of humor and I wanted to share it here.  We can all use a laugh in these trying times, right? I first saw a similar piece when serving in the Pentagon in the summer of 1997.  I heard a version repeated again by retired General Clapper […] More

  • The Future of Global IT: Its like the Kobayashi Maru

    If you are a little rusty on your advanced science literature, theater and movies and don’t recall the story from the fictional Star Trek universe known as the Kobayashi Maru, please take a moment to watch this clip, just to get your mind going:   This part of the story, reportedly written by Gene Roddenberry […] More

  • An Enterprise CTO’s View of Cyberspace

    The Definition of Cyberspace: Cyberspace is our Interconnected IT I heard yet another definition of cyberspace today.  I won’t repeat it here, I’ll just say it was an academic’s definition and it was somewhat useful to the particular conversation we were having.  But it pointed to an enduring problem for those who try to study […] More

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