Ethereum ($ETH) price prediction: what is the outlook for the second-largest crypto in 2021 and beyond?

Ethereum price predictions can be found all over the Internet. But how do you find one based on a repeatable model? That is the harder question.

We like the analysis of Digitalcoin, which we found via an article by Nicole Willing on Capital. Nicole writes that:

The ETH price briefly touched $2,000 (£1,500, Є1,680) in February’s cryptocurrency rally and has moved back above that level in April, gaining 183.2% so far this year. The Ethereum ecosystem has emerged as the first choice for developers launching decentralised finance (DeFI) applications and non-fungible token (NFT) sales, although there are some new applications that are turning to alternative blockchains.

The article goes on to cite Digitalcoin analysis saying:

The Ethereum future price is expected to continue rising over the longer term. Billionaire investor Mark Cuban said on the Unchained podcast on 6 April that after the upgrade, applications on Ethereum will see it “dwarf” Bitcoin. Cuban said he now holds “a lot more” ether than bitcoin.

The Ethereum forecast from Digitalcoin is bullish, predicting that the price will double by 2023. The forecast puts the average price at $2,922.64 in 2021, rising to $3,651.21 in 2022, $6,317.73 in 2025 and $9,163.19 in 2028.

At the time of this writing Ethereum has moved to just under $2400.00.

Read her full article here.

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