ForgeRock: The Open Identity Stack

With this post we are initiating formal coverage of ForgeRock, a firm we have written about in the past and have informally followed since their formation.

ForgeRock creates and supports identity relationship management solutions for the modern web and for enterprises. They serve cloud environments as well as traditional infrastructure. Their open source foundation makes them incredibly interoperable so they work well with legacy IT as well as the most modern applications.

For a brief introduction to ForgeRock and IRM see the video by CTO Lasse Andresen at this link and embedded below:

OK that was incredibly brief. For more see this video by Forgerock VP of Community Management Allan Foster:

Since the ForgeRock approach is based on open source it is incredibly easy for program managers to start with their software (download it free). It is also easy to test, evaluate, and scrutinize every line of code should you be so inclined. For enterprises with mature security programs this is a must have feature in identity management solutions.


More from their site:
ForgeRock offers the only unified open source identity stack to protect enterprise, cloud, social and mobile applications at Internet scale.

With a diverse global customer base, ForgeRock is replacing traditional, proprietary identity management suites around the world with an open, agile and integrated solution.

Consisting of three core products — OpenAM , OpenDJ  and OpenIDM — the platform enables agile business innovation through a scalable, lightweight infrastructure and active collaboration within the ForgeRock community. Our IRM solution is designed from the ground up as an integrated, cohesive stack that is purpose-built to handle complexity. Traditional IAM, typically built piecemeal through acquisitions and tacking on parts as needs arise, struggles to respond to the multitude of users, circumstances, devices, access points and access privileges that dominate today’s IRM world.

For technical staff, this is an entirely new and simple approach to delivering common identity services for enterprise, social, cloud and mobile applications. For CIOs and business owners, our IRM platform is a tool for implementing new business models and driving revenue growth. It provides speed, ease of use, reliable security, reusable business processes and the ability to scale to handle customer volume like no other platform before or since.

For more see:

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