ForgeRock: The Open Identity Stack

We have followed ForgeRock since their formation and are very excited to see their widespread acceptance.

ForgeRock creates and supports identity relationship management solutions for the modern web and for enterprises. They serve cloud environments as well as traditional infrastructure. Their open source foundation makes them incredibly interoperable so they work well with legacy IT as well as the most modern applications.

For a brief introduction to ForgeRock and IRM see the video by CTO Lasse Andresen at this link and embedded below:

OK that was incredibly brief. For more see this video by Forgerock VP of Community Management Allan Foster:

Since the ForgeRock approach is based on open source it is incredibly easy for program managers to start with their software (download it free). It is also easy to test, evaluate, and scrutinize every line of code should you be so inclined. For enterprises with mature security programs this is a must have feature in identity management solutions.

For more see:

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