Free Tools to Help Manage your Virtualized Datacenter  

Virtual server deployments can get complex quickly. When you are studying for your certification exams, educators typically have virtual labs setup for you that allow you to quickly login to and plug away at your task. Once you begin using virtual servers in a live production environment, it can be easy to get unorganized.  Luckily, there are many free tools available for systems administrators which will increase their productivity when working with virtualized datacenters. Research shows that virtualized servers made up 60% of the total datacenter workloads measured in 2013. This number is expected grow and as more IT professionals begin utilizing fully virtualized datacenters.

Veeam Free Virtualized Datacenter Tools

Veeam is one of the premier virtualized datacenter tool creators on the planet. This software development team has come together to provide a plethora of free tools that are designed to assist Hyper-V and vSphere systems administrators. Veeam currently provides the following software titles for free:

Veeam Backup Free Edition for VMware and Hyper-V: This software helps you manage your virtual machines as well back them up or restore them from backups.

Veeam ONE and Veeam ONE Free Edition v7: Get a business-oriented view of your virtualized infrastructure. This granular reporting module will allow you to see the minutest details regarding your organization’s datacenter.

Veeam Stencils for VMware and Hyper-V: Are you planning on deploying a large scale virtualized datacenter? The best way to plan is to have a visual representation of what you are trying to accomplish. Veaam Stencils will integrate into Microsoft Visio to give you a better representation of what you what you are trying to build out.


Do you exclusively use VMware vSphere in your environment? Xangati can help you troubleshoot the most complex problems concerning your VMware deployment. Xangati has received multiple awards and high praise from VMware administrators all over the globe. When you are deploying a large farm of virtualized servers, it sometimes helps to have an extra set of eyes over your shoulder. If you are a senior administrator, you may be the person responsible for being that extra set of eyes. Think of Xangati as a tool that helps you double and triple check your deployments against the best practices of server administrators all over the world.

Finding tools to help manage your virtual deployments will make oversight of your network a much easier task. Many custom tailored solutions exist for network administrators due to the fact that so many people who also administer virtualized networks also have experience in overseeing large network operations.

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