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10 Tips to Keep Hackers Out of Your Smart Home

As technology continues to make life more convenient for users, it is making the lives of thieves easier as well. Owners of smart homes are under constant threat of electronic theft and violation. The even scarier part is that sometimes you can’t even tell when you have been hacked. A smart door can be remotely […]

Giving a Voice to Those Who Cannot Speak

Through the combination of a wireless connected EEG headset from Emotiv and an assistive communication app called :prose by Smartstones, a California-based company, is giving a voice to those who have difficulty verbally communicating. The technology works by reading the brainwaves of the user and expressing them as phrases that are spoken through the app. This […]

Hot Holiday Tech

This time of year is one for commerce. The shiniest, newest, coolest gadgets are always the first to go from the shelves. This year in particular has been one for innovative gadgets and amazing buys.  From wearables to autonomous driving vehicles, the list below includes my picks of the hottest tech of the season: Samsung 16TB […]

Olly, A Robot Assistant with Personality

I think it is safe to say that many people would like to have a C3PO in their lives, I know I would… Today, not in a time long ago, there is a robot called Olly. Emotech, a London-based startup, is behind the creation of Olly, a voice-controlled robot assistant, kind of like Amazon Echo, but […]

Kubi: Adding Life to Teleconferencing

Traditional video conferencing can be frustrating. In this virtual environment, not having the ability to see whom you are conversing with can be a great disadvantage. Speaking directly to each person in the group, like you are physically present, can be the presence needed to lead or be a part of an impactful meeting. There is […]

The Hoverboard is Now a Reality

Flying cars might not be a reality today, but hover boards are real. Lexus has just released their promotional video of their hoverboard, “Slide”, and now the internet is stirring with the “Back to the Future” board. This board is essentially a skateboard without wheels. Its base has two cryostats, which are chambers designed to […]