GainSpeed: Redefining How Cable Networks Are Built

Gainspeed enables cable operators to meet skyrocketing capacity requirements, respond to changing market demands, and rapidly deploy new services all while cost-effectively migrating their networks to a software-driven, all-IP architecture.


Massive growth in high-speed data services, the migration to IP video delivery and the need for faster service deployment are creating enormous business challenges for cable operators. The current hybrid fiber coax (HFC) architecture restricts capacity, hinders service offerings, slows deployment velocity and limits revenue potential. In addition, this monolithic headend architecture creates capex, space and power issues.

To satisfy exponentially growing capacity requirements, accommodate the shift to IP video and rapidly deploy new residential and commercial broadband services, cable operators must rethink their network design and move towards an all-IP architecture.


Gainspeed’s flexible and resilient distributed access architecture addresses the limitations of today’s cable networks in a simple and cost-effective manner. The architecture centralizes control in the data center and distributes processing to the edge of the network, delivering up to a 10x price/performance advantage over alternative approaches. It creates a network that is more efficient, less complex and easier to scale and operate.

Gainspeed leverages numerous state-of-the-art communication technologies to eliminate capacity bottlenecks, solve the headend space and power challenge, improve spectrum utilization and provisioning, and enable new services. Moreover, Gainspeed delivers these benefits in concert with the existing infrastructure and creates an enduring, software-driven, all-IP network architecture.

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