Garrison: Secure Web Browsing

With this post, we are initializing our coverage of Garrison Technology, a revolutionary provider of ultra-secure web browsing.

Internet access for government employees presents one of the gravest threats to enterprise cyber security today. Compromises on federal networks via spear phishing, watering hole attacks and drive-by-downloads permits cyber attackers ranging from criminals to nation states to successfully breach existing enterprise defenses and access sensitive data, transfer funds, or install ransomware.

Garrison’s Silicon Assured Video Isolation (Garrison SAVI®) is a hardware-level cyber security technology that provides ultra-secure access to the Internet for enterprises and government organizations. Emerging from stealth after three years of development, Garrison has already delivered Garrison SAVI® technology to large customers internationally across sectors including the U.S. Government and the financial services, media, telecommunications, and professional services industries.

Historically, the government has focused on stopping “bad” content from reaching or executing on an end-user device. More recently, there has been increasing interest in operational security via Continuous Diagnostics and Monitoring programs that accept that agency devices will get compromised, and then seek to identify such situations and remediate them. But existing security operations investments are struggling because agency Security Operations Centers are typically overwhelmed with the volume of alerts, and many false positives, being generated.

Garrison’s patented Garrison SAVI® technology provides a “secure remote browsing” platform which allows user access to the riskiest Internet content while keeping sensitive enterprise systems and data fully isolated from the risk. Industry analysts Gartner have identified remote browsing as one of the top ten most strategic technologies for enterprise cyber security ( and more than $100M has been raised by startup companies globally to deliver remote browsing solutions.

For further information you can access their white paper in our CTOvision library. 

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Marty Meehan

Senior Director at Cognitio
Marty Meehan is a senior director at Cognitio Corporation. He writes at and the cyber focused Threat Brief. Marty's background is in the national security technology sector.

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