Giving a Voice to Those Who Cannot Speak

Through the combination of a wireless connected EEG headset from Emotiv and an assistive communication app called :prose by Smartstones, a California-based company, is giving a voice to those who have difficulty verbally communicating. The technology works by reading the brainwaves of the user and expressing them as phrases that are spoken through the app.

This technology works with individuals who can communicate with gestures, or with those who can only give mental commands. Using Emotiv's Epoc or Insight headset, a user can think of motions linked to each command, and the headset reads their brainwaves and through Bluetooth, the app speaks the phrase aloud. The system has been reported to be simple to learn and relatively inexpensive.

"One of our participants now can communicate by using mental commands," said Gil Trevino, Lead Direct Support Professional at PathPoint. "Within minutes she was speaking several phrases aloud, compared to years of training with other technologies. This advancement has allowed someone who once was a non-verbal communicator, the ability to communicate thoughts, feelings and answers in a way she never has before."

Watch the system in action in the video below:

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