Glimmerglass: Optical Cyber Solutions

By combining the optical signal switching power of Glimmerglass Intelligent Optical Systems with the wide range of optical modules in the Glimmerglass Intelligent Peripheral System, system designers can create a flexible optical distribution system capable of reconfiguring and broadcasting optical signals. This system handles even the most stringent distribution requirements, with the flexibility to rapidly and remotely adapt to sudden and unexpected changes in the operational environment.

Intelligent Optical Systems

The Glimmerglass Intelligent Optical System is the field-proven, ideal choice for flexible optical layer management. Network engineers and operators worldwide use the Glimmerglass system to remotely provision, monitor and reconfigure optical paths in real time to greatly improve network availability and reduce OPEX. Click here.

Intelligent Peripheral Systems

The IPS 3000 supports optical amplification, optical splitting, and lossless optical signal distribution. The IPS 3000 is the industry’s most flexible, highest-density system for optical signal amplification and splitting. Click here.

Management Software

Glimmerglass provides a comprehensive suite of software tools for the setup, management and monitoring of its products. All systems support both SNMP and a Command-Line Interface which can be easily integrated into existing network management systems. Click Here.

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