How will AI affect nation states, Social media battle against fake news using AI, Walmart and Microsoft team up to take on Amazon, AI won’t be taking away your jobs

These are some of the AI stories we are tracking:

The ascent of Artificial Intelligence: How will AI change the nation-state?

We often talk about how artificial intelligence and machine learning will change the way we think about technology but how will it affect the human race as a whole? More specifically how AI will affect nations? Today, as different nation-states make choices around data, AI is shaping the privacy rights and governance rhetoric. Conversely, the “data” policies that nation-states form are also shaping the type of AI that emerges. Prerna Sharma of Brookings Institute takes a look at how artificial intelligence will change the way countries look at data on Brookings Institute Blog.

Inside Facebook, Twitter and Google's AI battle over your social lives

Facebook, Twitter, and Google have been worst abused by left wing and right wing groups to spread fake and hate news. Now all three are using artificial intelligence to manage abuse on a massive scale never seen before. They are getting help from humans to identify false positives which is still a problem area for AI. But on the whole, from removing fake accounts to identifying hate news, social networks are using AI weapons to stop online abuse. Source: CNet.

Amazon Foes Walmart and Microsoft Deepen Tech Partnership

With Amazon gaining almost 50 percent of the e-commerce space in the United States, its rival, Walmart has been left with no choice but to innovate. And innovating it is with the help of Microsoft. Walmart had signed a strategic partnership deal with Microsoft to use its cloud technology, AI, machine learning, and other services. The partnership is a win-win situation for both as Walmart is competing with Amazon in e-commerce space while Microsoft is battling it out with AWS in cloud services space. Read about the strategic partnership between Walmart and Microsoft to defeat the common foe Amazon on Wall Street Journal.

AI Won't Kill The Job Market But Keep It Steady, PwC Report Says

Ever since artificial intelligence came into being, various doomsday type scenarios have been played out. Many top tech pundits have come out with their own version of how AI could destroy the human race. Rhetoric apart, one area in which AI could really impact is the job market. However, a new report from PwC says that AI won't affect the job market. In fact, it would keep the job market steady. Read about the new report by PwC about AI affect on job market on Forbes.

Apple combines machine learning and Siri teams under Giannandrea

Apple is really looking to steal the AI march from Google. It has confirmed that it will be combining machine learning, artificial intelligence, and Siri teams under John Giannandrea, who was hired from Google earlier this year. Apple last week released Core ML. Now it has announced a combined new artificial intelligence/machine learning team to bring together its Core ML and Siri teams under one leader in John Giannandrea. Source: Tech Crunch.

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