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After reading the news of Radiant Group’s acquisition of HumanGeo I contacted the two founders of HumanGeo, Al Di Leonardo and Abe Usher, to seek some first-hand lessons learned of use to the community as well as to congratulate these two friends from the national security ecosystem. This post captures some of the insights from that conversation.

Al Di Leonardo and Abe Usher   are both mission-focused executives with a background in both technology and military leadership. Al is a retired Army Intelligence Officer and US Special Operations Innovation Officer who has spent a career working at the intersection of military ops, geography, technology and social media.  Abe is an Ex-Google engineer who brings experience as a former Army infantry officer, a computer scientist and a successful business consultant, and CTO. Together they formed HumanGeo with a mission to bring powerful new concepts and technologies to the service of national security missions.

By all measures, Al and Abe succeeded in creating new value for the community. This is reflected in the fact that both are recipients of numerous awards, including the Fed 100 award for innovative ideas and technical leadership. Both are also highly regarded speakers in the DC ecosystem.

As for HumanGeo itself, some of what they accomplished over the last five years include service to a diverse set of customers in government (including the military and IC but also fed civ agencies). They also served many other clients including:

  • a multi-billion dollar video game company
  • Major League Soccer
  • the UK government
  • academic universities
  • commercial business intelligence firms
  • US Federal Agencies
  • US Department of Defense

I asked Abe and Al about why they thought the Radiant Group was a good fit for HumanGeo. Their response underscored that the Radiant Group is very well postured itself for future government growth and has been applying capabilities to help customers leverage data science methods and Big Data technologies, and HumanGeo with the Radiant Group will help accelerate that. Collectively they also provide enhanced capabilities around computer network operations, cyber defense and signal processing.

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