HyTrust: Real Solutions to "Virtual" Problems

HyTrust offers IT managers and administrators of virtual infrastructure a centralized, single point of control for hypervisor configuration, compliance, and access management. By combining best practices, processes, and controls of physical infrastructure security into a comprehensive solution for virtual infrastructure, HyTrust enables virtual infrastructure to achieve the same level of operational readiness as that of existing physical infrastructure.

A ‘Virtual’ Appliance

Despite its name, the HyTrust Appliance is not a physical piece of hardware. It’s a VMware vSphere-compatible virtual appliance that’s deployed right alongside the rest of your virtual infrastructure. It can be deployed on the same hypervisor that it is actively protecting.

Where Does It Live?

HyTrust Appliance sits in the management plane of the virtual infrastructure. In other words, it sits between the administrators of the virtual infrastructure—the virtualization admins, the network admins, the application owners—and the virtual infrastructure itself. From this centralized vantage point, HyTrust Appliance intercepts all administrative requests for the virtual infrastructure, determines whether or not the request is in accordance with the organization’s defined policy, then permits or denies the request as appropriate.

What Policies Are Enforced?

The options are practically unlimited. HyTrust can ensure that certain workloads are only permitted to boot up on specific hosts or specific clusters, which is critical for compliance with PCI-DSS. Through a partnership with Intel, HyTrust can verify the integrity of the physical hardware of the host to ensure that the underlying platform is fully trusted. Through its unique ability to label virtual objects and then apply policies to those labels, HyTrust Appliance offers flexibility and control that’s unmatched.

Learn more here: http://www.hytrust.com/

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