IBM Q-1 Labs

IBM acquired Q-1 labs in Oct 2011 to round out its security offerings in the newly-formed IBM Security Systems division.  This immediately made IBM a SIEM player with a key spot on Gartner's magic quadrant and since then the original Q-1 labs capability has improved in its ability to integrate with other key enterprise capabilities.

From the IBM Security Services website:

Next generation security intelligence from applying advanced analytics and automation to massive amounts of data, events, and network flows

IBM's integrated security intelligence solutions harness security-relevant information from across your organization, and use analytics and automation to provide context and help you detect threats faster, identify vulnerabilities, prioritize risks and automate compliance activities.

IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform applies real-time correlation and anomaly detection across a distributed and scalable repository of security information. Big data analytics enable more accurate security monitoring and better visibility, yet are packaged to be used by almost any organization small or large. With flexibility and pre-packaged capabilities, IBM solutions help you achieve value faster and evolve your deployment as business changes.

For more info see:  IBM Security Services

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