Immuta: Managing the chaos of big data systems

Editor’s note: The highly respected venture capital firms Blu Venture, Sequoia, and Conversion Capital have announced their support and funding of Immuta, a next-gen enterprise data management startup. We have had the pleasure of working with Immuta and have known their founding team for years and are very excited to see this. -bg

From Sequoia’s 9 July release:

Sequoia Closes First Venture Seed Investment in Immuta

Sequoia Holdings, Inc. Establishes New Venture Investment Arm For Seed Investments

RESTON, VA – July 09, 2015: Sequoia Apps, the new venture investment arm of Sequoia Holdings, Inc announced today that it has closed its first series seed investment in Immuta, Inc. Immuta, a next-gen enterprise data management platform provider, recently closed a heavily oversubscribed seed round, led by Blu Venture Investors, LLC. In addition to Blu Venture and Sequoia Holdings, Immuta’s seed round also saw participation from well-respected DC and NYC area angel investors. The funding will be used to drive customer growth, brand awareness and continued platform improvements.

“We are thrilled to be supporting such a disruptive business for enterprise cloud usage,” said T. Richard Stroupe, Jr. Sequoia Holdings, CEO. “Organizations are spending billions of dollars to consolidate its data into massive data lakes for analytics and business intelligence without any true confidence applications will achieve a high degree of performance, availability and scalability. Immuta is focused on addressing these concerns while providing a means to simply and securely gain access to disparate enterprise data through its platform.”

“Software engineers take it for granted that every data project entails tedious and expensive infrastructure design, coding and configuration, essentially re-doing work from other data projects”, said David Swearingen, Sequoia’s Director of Data Analytics. “Immuta has tackled this problem with an extraordinary platform that will finally allow developers and data scientists to focus on business-specific implementation.”

Founded by former U.S. Intelligence community contractors, Immuta’s primary focus is to build a common “distributed data framework” that has the highest level of security for highly-sensitive data processing. Immuta’s mission is to facilitate data management across the enterprise by providing the tools necessary to align the work of the Data Engineer, Business Analyst and Data Scientist, freeing them to focus on end products, not infrastructure or middleware.

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