Infographic: Rise of the Machines

Efficiency in Your IT Department with Data

As artificial intelligence (AI) hits the headlines more, it’s getting difficult to separate fact from fiction. You may still be left with questions, such as:

  • What is the purpose of AI?
  • How can it help us?
  • Should we be worried about it?

According to new infographic Rise of the Machines, in the simplest terms the purpose of AI is to learn, adapt and think. It’s designed to demonstrate human behaviours, such as planning, problem solving, reasoning, learning, perception and recognition.

Developments are often split into two: narrow AI and general AI. Narrow AI systems can carry out specific activities. For example, Apple’s Siri can send messages, make calls and check the calendar on your iPhone or iPad, but it can’t do anything outside of the specific tasks it’s been programmed for. General AI, on the other hand, can adapt and use what it’s learnt to find a new solution.

AI can help us by speeding up processes, identifying problems, making predictions, improving security and remembering information we might otherwise forget. This can help on both a personal and professional level.

However, there are also concerns about whether AI has (or will have) too much power. It doesn’t take human emotion or creativity into account, plus there’s a worry it could take jobs away from people.

Ultimately, we’re yet to see the full effect of AI and what it can do, but there’s no doubt it’s changing the way we live. See Rise of the Machines for more information.