Interesting Take: Forget Watson, the Red Hat acquisition may be the thing that saves IBM

There were certainly lots of quick takes from analysts on what the IBM and Red Hat news meant. This is one from TechCrunch:

With the acquisition of Red Hat, IBM looks to refocus on its core strengths, rather than Watson, an AI push that was always more hype than reality. With its latest $34 billion acquisition of Red Hat is now in the software business. Through the acquisition of Red Hat, IBM believes it can now offer a complex mix of infrastructure/software/platform services and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, and analytics, and blend all of that with Red Hat’s profitable fusion of enterprise open source tools, cloud-native, hybrid cloud and a keen understanding of the enterprise.

Read more about Red Hat’s acquisition by IBM on Techcrunch.

Our view: IBM might want to consider what it would do for them if they use this as an excuse to rebrand the entire company as Red Hat.

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