Is This Negligence? Atrium Health data breach exposed 2.65 million patient records

We wonder sometimes how much reporting we should do on breaches. We are all already numb by the overwhelming size and frequency of the continuing breaches. This one is yet another in a long line. But in our view it is notable. Why? It shows enterprises are still not taking the steps required to keep data safe. Maybe it is time for society to figure out what justice should be when leaders of an enterprise are negligent.


Atrium Health has revealed a data breach which exposed information belonging to roughly 2.65 million patients. Between September 22 and September 29, an unauthorized threat actor was able to gain access to databases containing the records, which included names, home addresses, dates of birth, insurance policy information, service dates, medical record numbers, and account balances. In addition, roughly 700,000 Social Security numbers were exposed.

Read more about the massive data breach at healthcare provider Atrium Health on ZDNet.

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