JASK: Modernizing security operations via an Autonomous Security Operations Center

Driven by AI and ML, the JASK autonomous security operations center (ASOC) platform frees analysts to become proactive threat investigators and responders.

We believe the JASK approach is exactly what is needed in the continual struggle to automate security response. This is a great way to use computers for what they do best to free up what humans do best in mitigating threats.

From their website:

JASK fuses collected data with alerts from existing security solutions and applies AI and machine learning to automate the correlation and analysis of threat alerts. JASK Insights deliver the most high-priority threat incidents for streamlined investigations and faster response times - guiding the SOC analyst to the most critical tasks and freeing them to proactively identify new threats.

For a video overview of the JASK approach see:

For more see: https://jask.com

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