Kinetica: GPU-accelerated analytics database

With this post we are initializing our coverage of Kinetica. Kinetica offers a GPU-accelerated, in-memory analytics database ( that delivers truly real-time response to queries on large, complex and streaming data sets: 100x faster performance at 1/10 of the hardware of traditional databases.

Kinetica was initially developed for the US Army Intelligence and Security Command to track terrorist and other national security threats in real time–producing instant results while visualizing insights across >200 sources of streaming datasets. With the growth of data from IoT, transactions and other sources, business users are running up against similar computational bottlenecks with the challenge of streaming and analyzing data in truly real time.

Kinetica has been battle tested, and has a strong partnership with NVIDIA ( for accelerated hardware. Additionally, Kinetica is certified on IBM, HP, Dell and Cisco servers.

The US Postal Service relies on Kinetica ( to ingest, analyze, and visualize large and complex streaming data for real-time route optimization and on-time mail delivery.

For insights into Kinetica see the video at this link:

Marty Meehan

Senior Director at Cognitio
Marty Meehan is a senior director at Cognitio Corporation. He writes at and the cyber focused Threat Brief. Marty's background is in the national security technology sector.

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