KZO: Create, Share, and Socialize Your Business Videos

The KZO Business Video Suite is being used by companies across the globe to communicate with employees and customers through collaborative video. The KZO Suite transforms traditional video from a static monolog into an on-demand collaborative communication tool which is continually improving as more viewers watch and interact with the content.

Sales Readiness

The KZO Business Video Suite allows organizations to ensure sales teams fully understand their company's products and offerings, how they differ from competitors, and exchange tips and best practices - delivered through the on-demand collaborative KZO Business Video Suite by subject matter experts.

Training & eLearning

From the simple to highly complex, leverage the power of the KZO Business Video Suite to create, manage, deliver and collaborate around video training programs. Material can be produced right in the KZO Suite - centrally or on a distributed basis, as well as uploaded from virtually any other source.

Enterprise Communications

The KZO Business Video Suite provides an on-demand video experience with on-going collaboration designed for an around-the-clock world where the cost of same time, same place events is very high, and the likelihood of total participation is very low.

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