Lastline: Stop Evasive Malware, Persistent Threats and Zero Days

Lastline Enterprise and Analyst deliver protection against targeted attacks, advanced persistent threats (APTs), zero-day exploits, and other advanced malware that bypass traditional signature-based controls and sandbox-based analysis systems.

Easy to deploy and simple to administer, Lastline’s solutions are universal to Web, email, file, network traffic and analysis of Android applications.

On February 18 2014, the company unveiled Lastline Enterprise v4.7, which now supports deployments on virtualized environments that are running on VMware ESX servers. Available as an on-premise or hosted offering, Lastline Enterprise is used to detect advanced malware in the network – analyzing individual processor instructions and memory accesses. The solution enables users to bypass the upfront costs associated with proprietary hardware, and it is easily integrated into an organization’s virtual and physical distributed network.

Lastline analyzes both the objects that enter a network and the traffic being generated by the internal hosts to provide the network security administrator the most up-to-date view of internal malware infections and attempted targeted attacks.

Lastline launched in 2011 to deliver a comprehensive security platform to detect, stop, and manage targeted attacks, advanced persistent threats (APTs), zero-day exploits, and evasive malware designed to bypass traditional security products. Founded by world-renowned security researchers – who have been analyzing next generation threats over the past decade – the company provides high-resolution and real-time malware analysis of network, email, web, file and mobile attacks. Lastline’s solutions are cost effective and can be easily deployed as an on-premise software and cloud-based service throughout an organization's environment.

Founders Christopher Kruegel, Giovanni Vigna and Engin Kirda are also known for creating Anubis and Wepawet, which provide free, advanced malware analysis services.
Lastline Analyst enables users to upload files and URLs for advanced malware analysis.

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