Leveraging Social Media to Expand Business Data Globally

Social media has become an integral part of society, and having a presence on these platforms is a must for businesses in the present world. Barely a decade ago, only a small proportion of the globe were exposed to social media. A few years later, the list of social media networks has continued to grow and impact the society. In 2008, only 24 percent of the United States population had joined a social network as compared to the 81 percent who have a social media profile in 2017. With millions of users accessing various online platforms on a monthly basis, businesses should take advantage of these figures to expand their operations.

Social media through the web- and-mobile-based technologies has provided ways of altering the business landscape, serving and retaining customers, and building internal online communities. Leveraging the right social media audience can lead to successful operations at the local and global level. However, there are several strategies that a business should adopt to capitalize on the power of social media.

Set Social Media Goals

A business can use social media platforms to interact with consumers at a personal level, showcase products, and services, provide customer care, receive reviews and criticisms for their product, and make online sales. The first step to the successful use of social media for organizations is setting objectives.

How do you intend to use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Instagram, and other platforms for the benefit of your business? The highest-level goal of every business should be to engage customers and potential clients at an individual level. While the end objective is to increase market exposure, generate revenue, and reduce organizational costs, your priority should be deepening customer relationships. As the business engages with consumers to share its expertise, ties are strengthened, and this inspires online conversations about the brand. This, in turn, improves brand awareness and recognition in the marketplace.

Define Your Audience

There are millions of social media users in the world today, and not all may be the business’ potential customers. The business has to define and filter its audience from the millions of users to realize expansion. There are numerous ways to identify audiences by generation, age, gender, specific groups such as homeowners, college students, and so on. Segmenting your audience is critical in determining the most appropriate platform for your business.

For instance, if your company is targeting young adults, a platform such as Snapchat would be an ideal option. Similarly, if your business is targeting professionals in various fields, LinkedIn would be a perfect platform to use. Defining your audience will help your own organization to select the best platforms to further its cause, mission, and values. It will also enable you to go for the right tools, such as Symantec DLP, to protect business information across various platforms and networks. However, it is important to have a presence in most, if not all, social media platforms.

Focus on the Content

Once a business has defined its objectives and selected the right platforms based on their target audience, the next thing is to grow their social media following. Content is king when it comes to expanding a business on social media. What kind of information is the organization availing on social media? The absence of captivating and relevant information can frustrate your plans to use social media as a business expansion tool. The company should consistently showcase its products and services, provide expert information, and educate its users.

Combine video captioning with high-quality photos and videos to create captivating posts that will draw more users to your profile. Provide links to the business website and other platforms so that the existing users can get an opportunity to access them.

Social media is a powerful tool that when implemented effectively can expand your business operations globally and generate exponential revenues. Put these strategies to work, whether you are working on a personal brand or developing the reputation of your entire company.

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Carol M. Evenson

Data Security Consultant at Evenson Corporate Consulting
Carol Evenson is a data security consultant specializing in cloud management and process analysis. She currently assists organizations within the continental US and UK.
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About Carol M. Evenson

Carol Evenson is a data security consultant specializing in cloud management and process analysis. She currently assists organizations within the continental US and UK.

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