Lingotek: The Translation Network

Lingotek | The Translation Network provides opportunities for businesses to expand into global markets by providing Inside Content Management System modules in conjunction with a cloud-based translation management system and professional translation services network.

Lingotek clients manage translation using an intuitive, cloud-based dashboard. Translators use a completely browser-based translation interface that provides access to all the tools needed to produce high quality translations, including glossaries, style guides, and translation memory. Software tools and translation services can adapt to fit your content translation needs by matching your timeline and budget to the appropriate workflow—from machine translation post-editing to professional, and everything in between. Specialties localization, translation, crowdsourcing, globalization

From their website:

The Lingotek Collaborative Translation Platform™ gives enterprise business customers new ways to leverage their trusted global communities by providing rapid, accurate translations, in turn fueling cost-conscious growth. We do this by using sophisticated translation technologies, workflow management, and community collaboration.

Our fully hosted translation software, located in the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), provides you completely transparent access to every aspect of the translation process.

Need your own Collaborative Translation Platform? Whether it is for Federal Government or you just want to deploy in a very large enterprise, Lingotek offers premise based translation software that will provide the full power of translation collaboration to your company.

Create cool integrations with our Inside API suite. You can embed any feature of our application via a robust set of APIs that allow you to translate content inside any web application like:

Our Translation Services department uses Lingotek's own unique, web-based Collaborative Translation Platform to deftly translate content into hundreds of languages, thereby allowing products to be quickly and efficiently launched into any global market.

No matter which of the areas of the Collaborative Translation Platform meet your need best, an important strategic advantage available only to those who rely on collaboration for translation is the ability to provide the most powerful attention to the most important content and thus access the Content Value Index.

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